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Affordable Roofing for Homes in Eastern Pennsylvania and Surrounding Areas
Lancaster, Harrisburg, Chester, and Berks

If your home’s roofing needs have surpassed the repair stage, River Run Roofing is your trusted partner in choosing excellent materials and in high-quality workmanship for your affordable roof replacement.

Residential customers trust our evaluation as to whether the roof can be repaired or whether a new roof installation is the more cost-effective choice. Contact us today – we’ll be happy to assess your roof, talk through the process, and help you settle on the best option in repairing or replacing your roof.

Our highest values in serving our customers are integrity and honesty. We know it’s a sizeable financial investment to replace the roof on your home – and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in this important decision.

I strongly recommend River Run Roofing. Dave and his team are true professionals. They are efficient workers and have an incredible work ethic. I am extremely pleased with my roof. You know you have chosen the right person and company when several of your neighbors compliment the final product and request information. Thanks for a roof well done! – Marlene T.

You’ve Decided on a New Roof Installation – Now What?

Once you’ve come to the determination from our inspection that it is indeed time for a new roof on your home, here’s a brief look at the steps in the replacement process.

  1. Choosing the roofing materials – We will be happy to walk you through your decision on what type of roof will work best for your home. Generally, your final decision will be based on budget, type of material, and appearance. There are many types of roofing materials: asphalt shingles (the most common), metal, slate, rubber, tile, and more. Our roofing materials are from some of the most trusted names in the industry. We’re pleased to help you choose a stylish, durable, and affordable roof replacement.

  2. Remove all old roofing materials – Our team will remove all shingles, tar paper, and everything down to the plywood underneath. Please note that we take the utmost care in protecting your property in all steps of the process, but especially in this stage. Dirt and debris from the roof removal can be messy, but our priority is to work as neatly as possible. We use a roofer’s buggy to be able to catch all debris so it doesn’t damage shrubbery and other landscaping.

  3. Thoroughly inspect wood for signs of rot or leaks – Since the bare plywood is now visible, we can get a clear view of the condition of the underlying framing. If there are gaps, cracks, holes, or rotten boards, our experienced team will fix all before proceeding with the installation.

  4. Installing protective barriers – Once we’ve ensured that the plywood layer is in good condition, certain moisture barriers will be put down before the shingles are laid on the roof. An underlayment, like synthetic felt, will cover the entire roof surface. Flashing will also be placed along seams to prevent leaking. Affordable roofing will last a long time with these thorough protective measures in place.

  5. Putting down new shingles or other roofing material – Now we’re finally at the point to put the shingles or other roofing down. Now things can start to move quickly! Our experienced installers snap chalk lines, attach the roofing, and secure it in place.

  6. Taking care of the finishing touches – Once the shingles are down, a few last details need to be taken care of. We pay special attention to ridge vents, soffits, and other details that will ensure proper ventilation.

  7. Cleaning up and breaking down – Once those final touches are complete, we ensure all items like shingle packaging, nails, and other debris are completely cleaned up. We make sure to leave your property in excellent condition.

The Cost of Your Residential Roof Replacement

A few factors will determine the cost of your new roof installation: the size of the job, the materials used, and the complexity and pitch of the roof are the main components. We are happy to explain the various dynamics and help you understand all of your choices. Even though appearance and durability are important, we know our customers need to be confident will be an affordable roofing project for their budget. To set up a free, no-obligation consultation, call us today.

I highly recommend David and his team at River Run Roofing. They put on a new roof for us after some hail damage and they were very thorough, courteous, and cleaned up every day they were there. The house looks great and I would use them again.- Craig T.

Ease-of-Mind with Our Warranty

We proudly offer a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty on residential roof installations. A new roof is a substantial investment – trust River Run Roofing for peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Affordable Roofing Materials for Your Roofing Needs

River Run Roofing works with some of the best-known roofing product suppliers to offer a large selection of shingle styles, colors, and manufacturers. We are a credentialed installer for CertainTeed products, and are proud distributors for GAF, Owens Corning, and more.

We gladly help our customers to in making their best decisions with roofing products based on cost, durability and the desired appearance. Our skilled craftsmen will install high-quality, long-lasting roof that will enhance the appearance of your home. Contact us today for a free roofing assessment for your home.

River Run Roofing proudly serves customers with new roof installation projects in regions surrounding:

providing an all-in-one solution for your residential roofing needs

When your roof is beyond repair, River Run Roofing’s skilled technicians can replace it with the latest and greatest in energy-efficient commercial roofing materials. Contact us today to start discussing your project needs.