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Expert Commercial Roof Replacement For Your Building

Sometimes the Right Answer is to Replace Your Old Commercial Roof

Nothing lasts forever – especially a roof on a commercial building. When roof coatings and repair are no longer viable options, getting an estimate for a commercial roof replacement cost from a trusted company like River Run Roofing is the first step for what’s likely to be the most-cost effective answer for the worn roof on your commercial facility.

Fortunately, there are several significant long-term benefits that come with a complete roof replacement.

You Increase Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

New roofs and roofing techniques offer increased energy efficiency. With a new commercial roof system, expect decreased energy costs for heating and cooling after tightening up your building’s top envelope. And if your old roof is of the old-fashioned black asphalt variety, a switch to a reflective white PVC or TPO roof will significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

If you choose a green roof or other roof known for its energy-conserving benefits, you take an important step toward operating a sustainable building. Plus your brand image increases among clients and customers who appreciate eco-friendly businesses.

You Increase Your Building’s Storm Resistance

Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland experience a huge range of temperature change and weather conditions through all four seasons. Wind, snow, big temperature fluctuations, and ice wreak slowly chip away at your roof’s ability to handle continued weather changes. A commercial roof replacement strengthens your roof’s weather resistance in several ways. New gaskets, flashing, joints, and other measures help your entire roof to become and stay watertight. Plus, properly fastened roofing materials are more resistant to strong winds.

When it’s time to for a commercial roof replacement, we’ll be glad to help you investigate newly developed materials that will help your building remain protected from Mother Nature for many years to come. New materials and installation techniques make commercial buildings more storm-resistant than ever.

You Improve the Safety of Your Building

It’s an ever-evolving process - new construction materials and techniques are constantly being developed to increase safety for those inside buildings and for those who maintain buildings.

A complete new roof installation will give ample opportunity to address safety issues that may exist on the exterior of your building.

Exterior access issues – including rusty and damaged hatches, poorly attached ladders, and outdated scaffolding.

Footing and ventilation issues – including obstructed skylights and vents, damaged roof-edge barriers; loose debris; impeded walkways and slippery surfaces.

Exposure issues - including toxic materials or vapors, insect and rodent droppings, unsafe electrical lines and conduits, and simple exposure to weather conditions.

A new roof installation gives you an opportunity to deal with myriad safety issues at the same time.

New Depreciation Rules Can Help with Your Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, building owners have greater incentive to replace a facility’s roof rather than engage in continued repairs. Instead of having to depreciate your roof over 39 years (with depreciation schedules sometimes exceeding the expected lifespan of the roof), new Section 179 benefits include accelerated depreciation of roofs.

Some roof repairs are also included in the new Section 179 rules, but only if those roof repairs are made necessary by other qualifying capital improvements. Make sure to discuss your options with your tax accountant or attorney as they are best qualified to give you information on these new tax rules. Hopefully you can find ways to capitalize on these new opportunities.

River Run Roofing offers five choices of commercial roofing systems. Our knowledgeable and experienced inspectors will visit your site to make a thorough assessment before discussing which roofing system and materials will best suit your needs. Contact us today to start the process of developing a quote for your project.


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When your roof is beyond repair, River Run Roofing’s skilled technicians can replace it with the latest and greatest in energy-efficient commercial roofing materials. Contact us today to start discussing your project needs.


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