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Expert Commercial Roof Repairs For Your Building

Trust River Run Roofing When Your Commercial Roof Needs a Repair

Is your building’s roof in good condition except for one problem area? Are you seeing some evidence that your roof might be developing a problem and you want an expert to check it out? Keep your commercial roof in excellent shape and make it last much longer by letting River Run Roofing’s experienced technicians handle the necessary repairs.

All commercial roof repairs are different, because no two roof leaks are the same. Some damage may be visible on the roof’s surface, but often, roof damage can go undetected until you suddenly have a big problem to deal with.

You should expect a quality commercial roofing company to conduct an in-depth inspection of your roof to locate and identify the problem, while giving you a realistic indication of the severity of the issue. With these details in hand, your roofing contractor can make the best recommendations for the right solution for your building’s needs.

Whether your roofing repair needs stem from Mother Nature’s wrath, the age of your roofing materials, or human error, River Run Roofing can fix the problem correctly, quickly, and confidently. Contact us to set up a site visit so we can identify the problem and chart the best course of action.

Common Issues That Necessitate Commercial Roofing Repairs

While the same roofing problems you may encounter with your home might also be soon at your business facility, commercial buildings also present their own types of problems. Let’s look at a few roofing repair needs that you are most likely to encounter.

Damaged flashing: It’s estimated that over 95% of commercial roofing leaks are due to faulty flashing, so these are obviously the first areas to check. Flashing is installed on the roof to deflect and direct moisture away from pipes and chimneys. Over time and with weather effects, flashing expands and cracks to allow water to seep through.

Wind uplift: Cracks and openings in deteriorated flashing and other commercial roofing materials allow air infiltration. As wind blows over the roof, increased air pressure in these cracks can end up pushing parts of the roof upward. This often means loosened fasteners and can end up ripping parts of the roof off in strong storms.

Standing water: Faulty flashing, a poor roof design, or clogged drains can all be culprits in the accumulation of standing water. Over time, puddles can start to deteriorate the roof and leak onto the roof deck below.

Your Best Source for Commercial Roof Repairs

River Run Roofing offers a trained team of roofing professionals to help with commercial roof repairs, commercial roof coating, and commercial roofing installation. Our roofers always conduct a meticulous inspection before repairs. That’s the only wat that we can quote you an accurate cost for whatever repair, coating, or installation needs will best correct the problem.

As you and your team keep an eye out for issues with your roof, the primary issues to be alert for are leaks, buckling or cracking, and sagging. If you notice any of these types of roofing problems, it’s important to have a professional look at it as soon as possible. Call us today!

Taking a long time to deal with a small issue like a leak has the unfortunate potential of causing what could be a simple repair to escalate to a complete replacement if the damaged area is left exposed to the elements for too long. More major issues like buckling or sagging could indicate your roof is at risk of collapsing, an obvious safety hazard.

River Run Roofing will evaluate your roof’s issues and make a professional recommendation for roofing repairs based on several factors, including the specific type of damage and the size of the area it affects. If we determine a repair is your best option, we have the skill and experience to complete it safely and efficiently. And if commercial roof coating would help to extend the life of your facility’s roof beyond the repairs, we’re happy to offer those details as well. Let’s start talking about your options – contact River Run today to set up an onsite visit.

The skilled team at River Run Roofing serves customers in need of commercial roof repairs in all regions surrounding:


providing an all-in-one solution for your commercial roofing needs

Whether your commercial roof needs installed for the first time, repaired after sustaining damage, coated to extend its life, or replaced altogether, River Run Roofing’s skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure your building is covered.