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Expert Commercial Roof Coatings For Your Building

Extend the Life Of Your Building’s Roof With a Professionally Applied Roof Coating

A commercial roof is a major expense. Your team at River Run Roofing wants to help your company take every necessary step to best safeguard your investment. When problems arise, roof replacements aren’t always the best answer. Many times, our customer recommendation is to add 20-30 years to the life of your commercial roof by applying one of Conklin’s proven roof coating systems. These coatings create a seamless seal over your entire roof making it practically impervious to leaks, as well as providing excellent UV protection due to their highly reflective properties. Conklin is an industry leader for roof coating systems due to their continuous improvement in research and technology. River Run Roofing is proud to have achieved Conklin preferred contractor status.

Seven Top Benefits of Conklin Commercial Roof Coating Systems

  1. 1. Seamless, Weatherproofing System - Roof Coating Systems are membranes that are spray-applied across your roof, around hatches, pipes, and other rooftop equipment to fully seal and waterproof your facility’s roof. The spraying process causes the coating to coalesce so the final product has no seams or patches that would likely to turn into leaks around hard-to-seal areas.
  2. 2. Cost Effective – Roof coatings are applied directly on top of your existing roof. Compares to replacement, roof coating is far less labor intensive for there is no need to require removal of the existing roof. You’ll also save money with the reduced labor costs and the elimination of fees associated with disposing of the old roof.
  3. 3. Quick Application – Commercial roof coating systems can be either spray or roll applied directly over your existing roof. This easy application saves time and labor costs when compared to a full replacement.
  4. 4. Sustainable with Continuing Warranties - These systems can be reapplied multiple times and can be re-coated every 10+ years to extend roof life. Each new coating renews reflectivity and ensures the continuance of waterproofing. Plus Conklin’s roof coating systems backed by non-prorated warranties.
  5. 5. Environmentally Friendly - Commercial roof coatings add decades to the life of your roofing materials, which translates into less frequent replacements and less roofing materials ending up in landfills. The coating’s reflective surface also lowers energy load and reduces the heat island effect in urban areas. Many of our coating contain ultra low or zero VOC’s and can qualify for the US Green Building Council’s LEED program for Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, and Materials and Resources.
  6. 6. Reflectivity - Highly reflective roof coatings offer excellent UV protection to your rooftop. This additional protection adds years to your roof and reduces roof maintenance costs. Your employees will be happy about it too - highly reflective roof coatings deliver a more comfortable environment inside the building and help to lower your utility bills.
  7. 7. Installation Should Cause No Major Disruptions to Work Environment – It’s extremely rare that a business would need to close or significantly shift operations when roof coatings are applied. The coating systems have low odor (often zero VOC’s), so it’s business as usual on the inside of your facility while our team applies the roof coating.

Between the added protection, valuable warranty backing, less frequent roof replacements, and savings in energy costs, Conklin coating systems often pay for themselves over time. These benefits, along with Conklin’s proven track record of innovative and high-quality products, are why River Run Roofing has made the effort to achieve preferred contractor status with this company.

Let’s get started on your quote for roof coating today. River Run Roofing serves clients exploring the benefits of commercial roof coatings in Philadelphia and its suburbs, Baltimore and its suburbs, Wilmington and its suburbs, and central Pennsylvania.


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Whether your commercial roof needs installed for the first time, repaired after sustaining damage, coated to extend its life, or replaced altogether, River Run Roofing’s skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure your building is covered.