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Expert commercial PVC roof installations for your building

PVC or vinyl is a very popular commercial roof replacement. Though it might be a more expensive option that some other materials, it also is among the highest in energy efficiency ratings. Commercial PVC roofing membranes are recognized for their ability to deal with the changing weather patterns and the hot summers and icy winters that Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware typically have.

What is a PVC roof system?

PVC (which stands for polyvinyl chloride) is a single-ply roofing membrane used on industrial or commercial roofs. Much like other membrane roofing coatings like EPDM or TPO, PVC can be applied over existing roofing materials for an eco-friendly roof restoration. Our customers have found a PVC roof to be an excellent option for creating a durable, waterproof coating on flat or low-slope roofs.

The Appeal of Commercial PVC Roofing

PVC roof systems provide significant UV protection and can last 20 years or more. Also, the material is both fireproof and waterproof. PVC has a confirmed performance record with over 30 years of use in the commercial roofing market. This type of roof can be mechanically attached or fully adhered, depending on your facility’s specific needs. This product’s hot-air welded seams create a fully watertight seal, protecting your roof from moisture damage in those spots that are often the most vulnerable.

Durability - With a minimum breaking strength of 350 pounds per inch, a PVC roof is incredibly strong. That’s why it’s able to stand up to all threats faced by commercial roofs. PVC has a remarkable track record of withstanding extreme weather, impact, traffic, dirt, bacteria, fire, and UV rays. Plus, it’s a frequent choice for restaurants and food processing facilities as it does well in withstanding animal fat, grease, and other food-related particles that are emitted by vents. PVC’s strength and resilience translates into an impressive lifespan of 20 years.

Environmentally-Friendly – PVC roof systems are highly reflective making it a strong choice for reduced energy costs. It’s also fully recyclable and because it isn’t negatively affected by dirt and fungi, it’s often used as a base for green roof systems.

Please note that PVC is incompatible for use with an asphalt roof. Though PVC can be installed over top of some roofing materials, an asphalt roof would need to be completely removed if you’re considering a PVC roof for your facility.

Commercial PVC roofing might be a popular choice, but is it the right choice for your specific project? Contact River Run Roofing today to set up an onsite visit so our experienced estimator can assess which roofing system makes the most sense for your property and your budget.

extend the life of your PVC roof with commercial coatings

Add 20-30 years to the life of your commercial roof by applying one of Conklin’s innovative roof-coating systems.

Boasting superior leak protection, increased energy efficiency, and quick and easy application, Conklin’s commercial coatings are an affordable way to extend the life of your commercial roof and avoid costly replacements.