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Will a Cool Roof System Help Me Save on Building Costs?

Every April, the world puts a spotlight on sustainability and energy-efficiency, thanks to Earth Day. Cool roofs are eco-friendly, and whether you’re passionate about climate change, you’re likely enthusiastic about saving money on property maintenance. Can a cool roof system help you save on building costs?

Yes! A cool roof system provides reflexive properties that can help reduce inside air temperatures and cut down on your building’s cooling cost. Additionally, the sun’s rays are less likely to hasten the deterioration of materials used in a cool roof system.

River Run Roofing has years of experience installing cool roof options. Let’s explore other ways our commercial roof options can save you money.

What is a Cool Roof System?

A cool roof system is any roofing that provides high solar reflectivity and high thermal emissivity. In other words, a cool roof will deflect the sun’s UV rays and hinder their absorption through your building’s roof. Additionally, these eco-friendly roof systems can lessen the heat radiated from the building.

These benefits can help reduce the heat island effect, which can otherwise create an urban heat island.

What is the Heat Island Effect or an Urban Heat Island?

A heat island effect is the cause of an urban heat island: the area, typically in a city, where temperatures are significantly higher due to buildings being so close together. This is compounded by a lack of greenery, an abundance of macadam, or other dark surfaces that absorb the sun’s rays.

Commercial roofing that deflects the sun’s radiation can reduce urban heat islands. This in turn helps reduce the demand on a community’s power grid.

Can You Cool a Metal Roof?

River Run Roofing contractors can coat your metal roof with a metal roof restoration system that not only creates an environmentally friendly, reflective surface but will also provide seamless, weather-proofed protection.

We install Conklin Commercial Roof Coating Systems that require no disruption in your business operations.

Is an SPF Roof Environmentally Friendly?

An SPF roof coating benefits the environment in that the costs you can save in energy may pay for the roof in just a few years. There’s less tear-off required, so there’s less material sent to our landfills.

Many of our roof coating systems contain ultra-low or zero VOCs and can qualify for the US Green Building Council’s LEED program for Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, and Materials and Resources.

What Are Some Energy-Saving Roof Materials?

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How Much Does a Cool Roof Cost?

You will save thousands in roof repair if you choose a roof coating installed by River Run Roofing. There is far less labor involved and no cost for the removal of your existing roof. Our contractors are efficient and our commercial roof coatings. There is less labor required for a roof coating than for an entire roof replacement, yet your roof’s lifespan will be extended.

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