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What is TPO Roofing? Let River Run Roofing Supply Affordable TPO

If you own a building with a flat roof, you’ve likely heard about TPO or single-membrane roof systems.

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin and it’s a single-ply membrane installed on commercial roofs to provide leak protection as well as heat-reflective benefits.

Demand for TPO roofing is on the rise as cities strive to combat urban heat island effect through cool roof options such as TPO.

Is a TPO Roof Considered a Green Roof?

TPO roofing is among roof systems considered as “green” options because of their reflective properties. For low-slope and flat roofs, this Energy Star-rated commercial roof option can provide energy efficiency to your building at an affordable price.

Additionally, the reflective surface is both recyclable and composed of recycled content. White roofing can have an initial solar reflective of 80% or higher to reduce your building’s energy bills.  White roofs can reduce temperatures in city buildings especially. The darker the roof surface, the more it emits heat. Cool roof systems such as TPO roofing may help with regional-scale climate adaptation and mitigation (see this Nature GeoScience article for more details).

How Do You Install TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is less expensive to install than other rolled rubber roofing and EPDM. However, it must be properly adhered to the roof substrate to avoid moisture below the membrane. Loosely installed TPO will leave your building susceptible to moisture, mildew, and even leaks.

River Run Roofing is one of the top TPO roof installers in the mid-Atlantic region. First, we’ll clean off the surface of your roof to remove debris or buildup. We then mechanically fasten your TPO roofing to make sure it’s securely attached to the roof substrate. We then seal around flashing, the roof perimeter, and around any penetrations.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of TPO roofing will vary, but it will average between $5-$8 per square foot not including labor. The condition of your decking system, roof layout, number of penetrations, and other factors will play a role in determining how much your TPO roofing will cost.

River Run Roofing can help finance up to $100,000 toward your commercial roofing project through our partnership with Enhancify. Learn more about roof financing.

How Long Does a TPO Roof Last?

A TPO roof system can add 20-30 years to your commercial roof. Conklin’s optional warranty program includes a non-pro-rated material warranty for 18 years. A non-prorated warranty means that your coverage won’t decrease over time. If any issues occur, you’re 100% covered over the duration of that time.

What TPO Roof Maintenance is Needed?

Your TPO roofing doesn’t need annual inspections. Through River Run Roofing’s maintenance program, you can extend the labor warranty up to the material warranty. We can use our camera app to inspect your TPO roofing to spot potential weak spots before they become larger problems. Our professionals can spot leaks, buckling, cracking, and other commercial roof issues and provide affordable roof repairs.

Contact us today to talk about how a commercial TPO roof might be the best choice for your building.