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There are some easy home upgrades, like landscape improvements, strategic outdoor lighting, resurfaced cabinets, that may add value to your home.

When it comes to more substantial upgrades that offer a good ROI, however, does a new roof fit the bill?

According to Remodeling’s Cost Vs Value Report 2020, you’ll recoup 60-68% of the cost of a roof replacement at resale. When it comes to roof repair, however, the return on investment depends on many variables.

Let’s look at what impacts how much value a new roof adds to a house.


Fall weather is some of the most enjoyable out of the year. You probably find yourself spending more time outside through autumn than other times of the year.  It might not be the time of year you give a lot of thought to your home’s roof. But there’s a big reason why you should: Rodent Control.

As temperatures start to dip, mice and other rodents are preparing to find shelter. Rotting eaves, damaged roof flashing, and other structural weaknesses are an open invitation to your home.